Thursday, October 02, 2014

On Getting Married

I have not been good about blogging this year in 2014 as my life has been crazy busy, even by my standards. But that season is almost over and while we have chosen to be involved in a lot of activities and business ventures, we are working to find a new "normal" once again and I shall be back to blogging with some regularity. I think. I hope.

Some stories must be shared so I don't forget them though. This is one. Jesse, my Jesse. That kid is a piece of work.

A conversation between Jesse and me:

Jesse: Yuck-you and dad doing the smoochy-smooch.
Me: Oh someday you'll get married and do the "smoochy-smooch" with your wife too!
Jesse: No I won't. I'm not going to get married.
Me: Well, maybe someday, but not anytime soon. You need to be a grown up and find the right girl.

A pause in the conversation and I think it is over.

Jesse: No, I changed my mind. I am going to get married.
Me: Oh, okay.
Jesse: Can she work?
Me: You mean your wife?
Jesse: Yeah, can she work? Will she get money?
Me: She can work if you both decide that's what you want. And yes, if she works she'll get paid.
Jesse: Oh good, 'cause I will get money faster.

Oh mercy.
Can you tell we have been working on finances and learning how to save for a long-term goal? Eli & Noah both just saved enough to buy themselves ipods. The younger two do not have that much saved up. Thus they are stuck with merely playing with their DSs and my old tablet.

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