Thursday, August 31, 2006

Well, I've finally joined the world of bloggers!

Well, I’ve finally joined the world of bloggers! I decided to take the plunge after mulling it over for a couple of months. But, in the end, I need something for me, and I think this is it. There are several reasons I’ve decided to start blogging. They are:
1. I used to keep a journal, but haven’t really since I got married and wanted to start that up again and this seemed like more fun than writing on paper.
2. I think stories about my kids are hilarious, and I want them documented. I’m not saying I’m the next Erma Bombeck or anything, but these everyday stories are the ones I tend to forget, but are so incredibly funny and they will keep me smiling when I’m old, so I'm puttin' them down.
3. I love to read and have always wanted to write, but am not really very good at it. I thought this would be a way to see if I can work on some writing skills. Be forewarned, punctuation is not my forte!
4. Plus, I feel like if I know I’m going to blog about my day that it will help keep me accountable, and I need that in my life. I’m constantly trying to be a better mom, Christian and wife. I’m definitely a work in progress!
5. Along with working full time, raising our 3 boys, starting a business at home, and running a household (all with my husband of course), I felt like I needed to do something that was just for me, that I find fun and relaxing. Because I don’t count folding clothes, nursing a baby, or doing dishes while watching TV as relaxing.

I will say a little about myself in case you don’t know me well. I’ve been with my husband, Tim, for about 12 years, and married for 7 of those years. We have three beautiful boys! Eli is 4, Noah is 2, and Simon is 7 months. They are the source of my greatest joys and laughter, but also my greatest frustrations. It’s hard to be a mom to these boys and give them what they each need to grow into the men God wants them to be. It would be easier if they all needed the same thing at the same time, but then they wouldn’t be the unique individuals God made them to be, now would they? I’m also not the best housekeeper in the world, but I’m working on that too! I’m getting a little help from Flylady in that area and so far, I’m making progress.

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