Friday, September 08, 2006

Remembering September 11th

I remember it so vividly. I was at a Kinko's conference room downtown working with a manager on an audit job when his wife called him saying an airplane crashed into the WTC. We felt for the people involved and wondered how such a terrible accident could occur, it was such a big building? Then his wife called again to let us know of the second crash. At that point I had chills and knew something wasn't right. We decided to work quickly and get home to our families.

Then the Kinko's manager came and said they were closing at noon so we packed it up and I headed to the City parking garage where I had parked. The streets were eriely quiet--they had blocked off all of the downtown streets since there are Federal buildings there. Police directed me the wrong way down a one-way street to get me out of the downtown area.

I went straight home and turned on the TV and watched the towers fall over and over again. Tim wasn't home, he had to go pick up a part for a vending machine that day and I couldn't get ahold of him. I paced the living room crying and praying for the families, praying that Tim would get home safe, and praying for the precious unborn child inside me that we had only found out about a week before, and hadn't even told anyone about. What were we thinking having a baby in this world?!

Then, I heard two loud booms that shook the house and rattled the windows. I about freaked out at that point; we live close to a significant Air Force Base and it's always a concern that it could be bombed. Tim would be coming by that way on his way home. I stepped up the ferevent prayer of safety.

Tim's grandpa called to say that Tim's brother who lives in PA was fine. I was ashamed that I hadn't thought to call and check myself. My mind had been so full, that I couldn't think of all the people I knew who could be in significant danger. I just kept watching the TV, getting more horrified with each new clip.

Finally Tim got home, and I hugged him hard. I cried for all of the wives and children who wouldn't get to hug their husbands and daddies that day. I cried for all the unborn babies like mine that wouldn't get to meet their daddies. I still get a lump in my throat when I think of my emotions that day, and when I think, really think, about those families that were broken that day. And my heart still goes out to them.

We found out later on the news the booms I heard were sonic booms from the fighter jets escorting President Bush on Air Force One.

It was the first time in my life that I had seen our country come together and support each other for a common cause. It was heart wrenching, and yet I was proud, very proud, to be a part of this free and God Blessed country of America. Proud to be a part of a people that would sacrifice themselves in order to save others. I thank God for them, and the lives they saved, and the lives they died trying to save.

I will never forget. September 11, 2001.


Pamela said...

I liked your patriotic ending!!
Me, too!

just saying hello as I read through the days memories.

Tracey said...

I too, cried for my unborn baby that day. Lovely post.