Thursday, November 02, 2006

Midnight Bathroom Trips

It's been an odd week of middle of the night bathroom trips around our house. And it's all been Eli which is very unusual. Eli was dry through the night at 2 1/2 and hasn't looked back. He's only wet the bed a handful of times since then (2 years ago). This week and some last week he has gotten up to go to the bathroom in the night.

One morning I'm getting the boys ready and Eli says he doesn't need to put on his clean underwear since he changed them in the night when he got up to go to the bathroom (apparently, he needed a dry pair). I was surprised since I hadn't heard him get up, but he did have different underwear on than when he went to bed, so I guess that's what happened. It is nice that every little noise doesn't wake me and he can do some things by himself.

Another night we were in bed, and I was in that wonderful place of snuggling next to a warm body with all the fluffy covers pulled up around my face, just before real sleep comes, in sort of a semi-concious state. I heard something, but I didn't realize I heard something until it was gone, so I didn't know what it was. Then I heard another sound and as I'm saying to Tim, "Is that one of the boys?" he's getting out of bed saying, "It's Eli."

I got out of bed too, since when Tim has to get out of bed in the night he's not the most patient, and Eli ususally only gets up if he's sick or something so I figured I better go see. I walk through the nursery and see Tim standing with his arms crossed (never a good sign) looking toward the bathtub and window. At first I don't see Eli, and then I hear him peeing so I look at the toilet (behind Tim) and don't see him. I look in front of Tim and realize that Eli is standing in front of the bathtub and is peeing in the bathtub. I almost tell him to stop, but the damage is done, so I decide to keep quiet (not easy since Tim and I both were trying not to laugh). Eli had gotten his PJ bottoms wet so we took them off and got him clean underwear and put him back to bed.

As soon as Tim & I hit our room we both burst out laughing; we had a hard time going back to sleep, we would both keep laughing. These are the things that make parenting fun!

In the morning when Eli was getting out of bed he says to me, "Mom my pants came off in the night!"

I laughed and said, "Don't you remember getting up in the night to go to the bathroom and we had to take them off?"


"You don't remember peeing in the bathtub?" I say as I'm starting to laugh all over again.

He starts laughing, so I don't know if he remembers or not. Noah runs to the bathtub to see.

Then going to bed that night I remind Eli to go to the toilet again, and he says, "So I don't pee in the bathtub again, huh, Mom?"

"Yes, Eli, so you don't pee in the bathtub again." I never thought I'd say that!

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