Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Last night was Trick-or-Treat, so I was telling the boys to finish dinner quick so they would have time to go. They were both very excited and then when it was time to get ready, Noah said he didn't want to go. Eli, of course, started crying because he did want to go and was afraid if Noah didn't go, he wouldn't either.

Noah said he wanted to stay home and read Library books. So that's what we did. He's only two, it's not like he needs to trick-or-treat.

Tim took Eli into town to 5 houses of people we know from church, and he took a bag and got candy for Noah too. So Noah got the best of both worlds, stay home with Mom and still get a bag of candy!

Eli had a great time and showed me all his candy. He got to have one thing before bed and he picked Milk Duds. So he's eating one and Tim says, "Well Eli, how do you like those?" Eli says, chewing, "It's delicious!"

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