Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Eli's Ideas

Eli truely had the role of "big" brother this trip. Not many rides in the stroller, much to his dismay, which he showed through whining and crying unfortunately.

Oh, and wanting everything. I mean everything. And we were the horrible parents who didn't buy him anything he wanted. Or wait. Maybe we did.

However, it wasn't everything, so it wasn't good enough. He did come to the conclusion though that he is going to buy his own toys from now on so he gets what he wants, and I'm good with that. He doesn't have much money and no real means of getting more.

Eli did come out of his shell a lot over vacation and have a good time playing and climbing around.

He really enjoyed going on "Test Track" with Tim. He said it went faster than the airplane (with all the appropriate sound effects of a fast car supplied from a little boy). Speaking of the airplane, it made his ears "puffy." When we got home and were back in the airport, walking towards the baggage claim holding hands, he says to me, "Why am I talking so quiet? Why are my ears are still puffy?" I told him to try and yawn or swallow and it would get better. So then he's trying to swallow and yawn and still carry on a conversation. Heaven forbid he not be talking constantly.

Recounting the trip to Tim's brother about the airplane, he asked Eli if the plane went fast and Eli said, "That car went faster and it went all by itself! And we got snacks." So apparently the flight snacks were a big hit (he got to have Sprite since he's big now) and the plane didn't go as fast as he and Tim went on "Test Track" at Epcot.

He's pretty into dinosaurs and there is a dinosaur section of Animal Kingdom that my aunt and uncle took him to while Tim & I took the little boys back for a nap. He got a dinosaur to play with - it's big, and a hat that he wore for the rest of the trip.
However the highlight of the trip for him just might have been at the Orlando airport where they had a gift shop with "Spidy" stuff. He was in Spidy heaven.

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