Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Noah's Adventures

Noah has an adventurous soul. He's not afraid of much and is eager about everything, which can keep a Mama hopping!

One of the boy's favorite places on vacation was at MGM a playground from "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" where everything is built huge so you feel like you are the size of an ant. There was a "dirt" hill that you could go in on various levels. Short levels that were hard for parents to manuever, and dark too.

For a period of close to ten minutes we couldn't find Noah, he had to be somewhere in the dirt hill, but I couldn't find him. He had been with Eli but then he was gone. I did really well not freaking out that he was lost, but once we tracked him down we made him stay with Eli or stay out of the dirt hill. I knew he hadn't left the area since they won't let kids out of there themselves, but someone could have been hurting him or he could have been scared, but alas, he was fine and having a blast in typical Noah fashion.

Then we steered him towards a more open part of the play area where he could climb, and he loves to climb!

While he didn't enjoy waiting for the right bus to come along, he thinks he's pretty cool in his shades and hat!He learned that our "vacation home" was in "Hokey West" and our bus stop was "Old Turtle Pond!" He has an excellent memory for things like that.

He gets very attached to people and he stuck like glue to my aunt this trip. It was great to share the mom role since the first few days Simon still wasn't feeling well from his ear infections and wanted me to hold him a lot. It was like we had two mom's for the vacation, so it was a vacation for me from half of the mom duties.

At Magic Kingdom we got on the motor speedway and raced. Eli and my aunt, Noah and me, and Tim with Simon--Noah claims we won, but so does Eli, so I'm not sure. Tim was right behind us and kept ramming us and yelling for us to hurry. However with a three year old driving our steering was not leading us on the most efficient path and I didn't want to be full speed ahead when you never knew when he would let go of the steering wheel and we'd go reeling! But oh, it was fun! Then he got his picture in a "real" racecar:

However, for his love of thrills, I learned something new about Noah this past week. He's old enough to start getting a little bit scared of the "bad" guys or girls as the case may be, in movies and shows. We watched a lot of Disney shows and they usually included the wicked stepmother or evil queen and each time I'd look at Noah he'd have his eyes covered so he couldn't see the bad person.

Noah also learned how to chew gum without swallowing it! That was my aunt's idea to keep Noah from sucking his thumb, and it's working so far. He did pretty good on vacation keeping his thumb out, but it's a hard habit to break.

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