Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Boys Summer Pic

I take a picture of the boys each year around Mother's Day, and this year that fell on our Disney trip, so here's the Mother's Day 2007 picture:

They were on a log by Pooh's tree house, decked out in their Lightning McQueen gear, courtesy of my aunt and uncle.

How old does Simon look? Eli with his hat on sidways! And Noah turning into a big kid who can sit and smile on cue! What a troop we have.

I'm so glad we went to Disney World, they had such a great time, well, we all did. It was so nice to have a vacation, and the help of my aunt and uncle with the kids and so Tim and I could catch a few minutes by ourselves too made all the difference. I wouldn't want to do it every year, but I'm glad we went!

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