Thursday, September 06, 2007

Announcement Details

Here are some details for the curious:
  • Due date is March 15, Palm Sunday weekend, so I figure if my pattern of late babies holds I'll be looking at Good Friday or so for the new baby.
  • The baby's about 12 weeks so we just started telling people this past weekend.
  • Simon and the new baby will be about 26 months apart, which is more than the space between the other boys.
  • We plan to have an ultrasound around 20 or so weeks and if we can tell, we'll find out the gender, if not, no big deal.
  • We think having 4 boys would be great, and we think having a girl would be great so we're happy as long as the baby is healthy.
  • Eli told me that God told him the baby is a girl, but I think he thinks little brothers are overrated by this point so I'm not sure about the divine communication, but I don't doubt it either.
  • I've been doing okay, some days I get pretty nauseous in the evenings, but I can push through.
  • I heard the heartbeat at my appointment (about nine weeks) and it was strong and clear.
  • For the curious minds, we plan for this to be our last baby, just in case you were wondering.

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Jessica said...

YAY! I was right...I knew it! :) Congrats!!! I think it's a girl!