Monday, September 10, 2007

Eli's phrasology

Eli said some funny stuff over the weekend.

He came out of Sunday School with two "foamy" crosses they had decorated and he hands one to Noah and says, "Look Noah, I made us new swords!"

He used this one on me twice last week when he got tired of me asking questions and/or him having trouble explaining things about school so I could understand: "Can we just talk about this later?"

"Can we read more 'The Little House in the Big Woods'?" I am creating a child just like me!!

Tim and I left the boys inside watching a movie while we were outside getting things in out of the rain and by the time we came back in the movie was over and Eli says, "You shouldn't leave just the kids in the house by themselves." Nothing had gone wrong or bad but he's been learning about "Stranger Danger" at school so he's in the know now about what's safe and what's not. He was cracking us up.

Our babysitting schedule has changed a little again since we share a sitter with another family. Some days are at our house, some at theirs, so I was telling Eli what we were doing the next day (last week was our first week of "sharing") and he says to me, "Mom I know what's happening, you don't have to tell me everyday." I'm not sure but I think he's 12, not 5.

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Grandma Beth said...

Obviously Eli is still a "sponge-brain" since he quoted what had been taught at school. He is in the know, because you've always tried to prepare him for next day's
activities by cluing him in before he goes to sleep. 'Tis a great habit for well-to-do children. He only sounds like a 12-year-old. Mom
and Dad know better.