Monday, December 24, 2007

Notable Quotes

Do you ever hear your kids say something and wonder where they picked it up? Then realize, it was from you? I do. Apparently I say "For crying out loud!" It could be much worse, so I'm not complaining, but the boys do say it pretty frequently.

Noah and Simon were playing and Noah says, "For crying out loud. Thanks for crying quiet."

We were sitting at the table for lunch and the boys were eating Nemo yogurt-it was blue and pink and I thought if they mixed it it would turn purple. So they stirred. Turns out it stayed blue. Not to be deterred Eli says, "Well I know blue and yellow make green. I learned that in the toilet."

Nice! The world is a classroom, or maybe just the bathroom is a classroom, I'm not sure.

Merry Christmas everyone! May God's blessings be on you in the coming year!

1 comment:

Deanna said...

Why wouldn't it turn purple? Perplexing for sure!

Here's to a blessed 2008 for all of us! :)