Thursday, December 20, 2007


So what do you do when a big snowstorm is about to hit? Maybe make a grocery run for bread, eggs, and milk like normal people?

Well if you were at our house over the weekend, this is what you would have seen in preparation for the storm:

One might wonder why on this day did Tim want to mulch up the leaves that have been laying there all fall? And that is a good question. But you would have to know us and know that we had a party at our house Sunday night and that I needed to get all of the leaves swept off the front porch and terrace before the party. And if I was going to sweep them into the yard, Tim might as well get the mower out and mulch and if he was going to do that, he might as well mulch the whole front/side yards.

Are you following all of this logic? We work well with a specific reason to do those certain jobs we tend to put off, a party or company coming is a great reason. We know that and schedule parties so we have deadlines to get things done. Know your weakness, right?

And then you would have seen us unloading a trailer full of wood into the back porch. We were trying to get it in before it was covered in snow, but it was coming down fast and we had Simon helping, which kept us laughing the whole time, but did slow us down.

Later in the day/night you would have seen Tim working in the half bath downstairs. We are re-doing it again (it's a long story) and I had only finished the touch up painting Friday night, so Tim was installing the sink, complete with the second run of the day to Home Depot at 9:00 pm for the right size of flexible pipe. But, we weren't stressed about it, it's how we do things. I have complete confidence in Tim's ability to get things done on time and right-he's good like that and I have learned it'll all come together, and if it doesn't, worse case scenario, people would go upstairs to that bathroom.

And he did the tile too!

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Deanna said...

LOVELY! What a nice job! Well done, guys! But would we really expect anything less? I don't think so. :)