Wednesday, December 19, 2007

So I take it back!

Okay, so I take it back. All that stuff in the previous post about how Simon has such good manners and how sweet he is and all that, I just take it back. I should know better by my third boy not to put stuff like that in writing or I will just be proven wrong!

The boys flip out the recliners on our love seat and then cover it with a blanket to make a tent. The big boys weren't barring Simon from playing with them so I thought all was well so I started sweeping. How many parenting errors do you see there? :-)

Then over the din of my trusty Dyson, I hear screaming, Noah screaming. I look up to the family room to see Simon pulling as hard as he can on Noah's hair to pull him out from under the footstool. Poor little Noah!

I turn off the sweeper and as soon as I do Simon realizes what's coming and I hear Simon say, "All right, all right." Trying to tell Noah it's all right and not to cry, but cry he did.

I picked up the wooden spoon I keep out in the living room for just such occassions, gave Simon a whack and made him sit on the naughty chair. Oh the crying and gnashing of teeth!

Noah was fine of course, but I bet it hurt pretty good- Simon was giving it his all and he's a strong little fella!

Then Simon had to apologize and the rest of the evening went smoothly between the two of them.

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