Thursday, January 03, 2008

Past Bedtime

Eli asked several times last night if he could stay up past his bedtime to see falling stars. I told him to get ready for bed and then we'd see what we could see. He said it had to be way past my bedtime, when all the stars come out.

Then as he was getting ready for bed he was talking to Noah and those are some of my favorite conversations-the world according to a five year old. Anyway, I overheard Eli say, "It's not really a falling star, it's a comet."

Then I asked him where he heard about the falling stars and he said "Dragon Tales" I tried to reiterate to him that Dragon Tales is a cartoon and it's not real. He tried to persuade me that there really were going to be falling stars.

As I'm on the internet today, what do I see but an article about a meteor shower tonight. I'm thinking I might wake him up to watch if we can see any from our house.


Deanna said...

Did you see any? What a wonderful surprise that would have been!! :)

Janelle said...

I didn't get up early enough to see, but there's usually a good one in August so I'll be sure we watch that one.