Monday, January 07, 2008

Best Friends

Eli went with Tim's parents Friday to spend the night so the "little" boys and I were watching them out the window so we could wave to them.

Noah says, with his head cocked and sort of wistful, "Well, Eli is just my best. He's my best friend."
"I know, but we'll have lots of fun while he's gone."
"Yeah, but he's my best friend."
"Well, what about Simon?"
"Not your best friend, just your friend?"
"No. Not my friend."
"Just your little brother then?"
"Yeah, just my brother."

Later in the weekend I relayed the story to Tim and Tim told me this exchange:

Noah: Eli's my best friend.
Tim: Do you know who my best friend is?
Noah: Me?
Tim: No, your mom.
Noah: And me?
Tim: No, pretty much just your mom.
Noah: Then you're not my best friend!

After all these years, we're still best friends and it made my day to hear him say it!!


Jessica said...

My nephew told me the other day that he needed some friends (he's 3). I asked him if Jake was his friend and he said, "No! He's a baby." 10 months sure does make a big difference between baby and friend! :)

Deanna said...

Melts the heart, for sure.....