Monday, January 07, 2008

A Real Big Kid

Can you see what he's showing off?
How about now? Do you see the bloody tooth?
The gaping hole filling with blood? Yeah, he's a real big kid now!

It had been loose for a while but he wasn't very active in wiggling it, so on Christmas day Tim looked at it again and was concerned by how much the new tooth was in and far back. He told Eli to get working on it.
To his credit he started working it right then and it started to bleed so we knew it was close. Then he and Tim came out of the kitchen with Eli holding it on a paper towel and Eli telling everyone that Tim pulled it with pliers. Which of course he said to be funny, as he pulled it himself.
I'm happy to report the new tooth is moving right into place. And it makes me laugh to see the so very distinct ridges on the tooth since my have long since worn away.

As a side note, he put his tooth under his pillow, but either the tooth fairy doesn't work on Christmas Day or she was super busy because it was still there when he got up the next morning. However she did have time to come while we were running some day-after-Christmas errands. And apparently the going rate is $5 for a first tooth that you pull yourself-that seems pretty steep to me, but I'm not the one who decides these things.

Just so you know, Blogger is doing weird spacing between my paragraphs, it's not me, it's actually driving me nuts that I can't seem to fix it!

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Jessica said...

What a milestone. Those tooth fairy rates sure have gone up since I was a kid! Yay for Eli! (not sure about the blogger stuff...I've had a few issues with spacing myself, usually when I use pictures)