Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Official

I've been so hesitant to put this out on the blog, for fear I will fail. But it's official now so I might as well let you know. There's no turning back. I've paid the fee and bought the airline tickets.

Here goes: I'm going to run a half-marathon. I'm using the term run very loosely at this point! It's the Disney Princess Half Marathon in March, and I'm doing it with three of my mom's sisters and one of my cousins.

A side note here, I've never run before in my life save for volleyball practice in 7th and 9th grades, so I'm not a runner.

I've been half-training since July, mostly just walking. Then I started my conditioning training the middle of August and will start the actual half-marathon training in November. Once I started my conditioning training I got a real pair of running shoes, and oh my that makes a difference.

We have also decided to make it a special weekend for Tim and I. ALONE. How strange will that be? Since we've had the boys we've only taken a night away for ourselves one night. And since next year is our 10 year anniversary and Eli will be almost 7 by then, I think we're due!

We're going to have some family take the boys, hopefully-any volunteers? We figure we'll split them up so it's easier on people.

Then Tim and I can have a weekend without the boys. I'm super excited, and that's what I think about when I'm running and I'd like to stop. Plus my legs are trimming down, which Tim thinks is sexy and that makes it worthwhile too!

I think I'll post weekly updates for the run of the week to help keep me on track. The program I'm doing has me walk/run or walk during the week for a period of time and then take a run on Sundays for a distance. For example last week I "ran" 1.2 miles.


Jessica said...

That is fabulous Janelle! Good Luck! :)

McBorn said...

I'm so happy that you and Tim are going away for the weekend. It is bound to be a fun trip with the aunts. And we should be able to take a child or two- check in again closer to the race to remind me!

Deanna said...

That sounds AMAZING!! Another close friend of mine has been training all summer for the Chicago half-marathon in a couple of weeks. She's loving/hating it and is getting really excited about it!!

You'll be fantastic and what a great time away with Tim!! You're going to be making wonderful memories and find a real sense of accomplishment!!

Go, go, go!!!