Wednesday, February 04, 2009

100th Day

This year again in first grade they make a big deal about the 100th day of school. For Eli the day is today. We made a project with 100 items-we glued mini marshmallows to construction paper in a '100' and spelled out 'Eli' which was a fun project. They have been working on counting to 100 by 1s, 5s, and 10s, and they made '100' glasses where they look through the zeros. Which since Eli told me about them he must think they are pretty cool.

Two days ago Eli said, "I'm just so 'eecited' about the 100 days!"

"Oh yeah? Why?"

"Well then it will be over. I'll be done."

"What do you mean you'll be done?"

"Done with school, I don't have to go back."

"Um, yes you do. There's more than 100 days in first grade. You go all the way past your birthday."

Looking very dismayed, "I do?"

"Yes Eli, you do."

He slumps his shoulders and all the excitement is gone, "Oh."

Poor kid! Kind of like when you wake up on a Friday morning and are pumped up about getting ready to start the weekend just to later realize it's really only Tuesday. I feel his pain.


Jessica said...

Aw, poor Eli. I hope his 100 day celebration is fun for him anyway. I wish I could count down the days I could be off of work for a big break. But, unfortunately I chose the wrong career so I can't do that. :)

Deanna said...

Poor lad. That happens to me a lot...I never know what day it is so I can go an entire day thinking it's Friday then Andy will come home and reveal that it's Wednesday. Drat!!

We're sending Sarah's 100th day project on Monday. We made 10 groups of 10 different kinds of candy and called her "100 'SWEET' Days" poster.