Thursday, September 24, 2009

Making a difference

Where I work, we're on a road that is two lanes each way, and the building also sits on the corner. The cross road is two lanes and does not have to stop at the intersection. The four lane road has to stop. I don't understand the logic of that really, they are equally busy roads.

There have been a lot of accidents at that intersection, several of which I have witnessed and had to call 911. I saw another accident back in July and had to call 911 again. At that point I had had enough. I contacted someone at the city and they gave me the name of the person I needed to talk to. I asked what needed to happen so they would do something to make the intersection safer-flashing lights, stop ahead sign, cross traffic does not stop sign, etc.

Her reponse was:

We have been looking at ways to improve this intersection for quite a while now. So far, we have tried things such as removing the sight distance obstructions (brush, trees, weeds, etc.) and also installing larger stop signs. Our next project is going to be to restripe the intersection to create one dedicated left turn lane on L Road and one through lane on L Road, rather than the extremely wide 2-through lanes as it exists now.

We hope to complete that work in the Spring of next year.

We appreciate your comments and observations regarding the safety of this intersection. Hopefully our proposed changes will help resolve these safety issues.

It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but it was at least a start and now I knew who to keep pestering.

Then on Monday there was another accident. I promptly sent her another e-mail letting her know there had been another accident. She responded:

Thanks for keeping me posted. Just for your information, the Street Department will have the “Cross Traffic Does Not Stop” signs installed before the beginning of next week.

And about two hours later they put one up. Let's hope it helps before someone really gets hurt!


McBorn said...

That intersection doesn't make any sense - it is horrible! I'm you are making things happen to keep us safe!

Jessica said...

Way to advocate! Keep up the good work! :)

Anonymous said...

One person's actions Do make a difference. Thank You from so many.

Dan and Peg said...

Good for you for being so proactive! So often folks don't do anything, and think it's someone else's problem. Your are a good citizen. :)

Deanna said...

You'll never know the full impact of your activism. Many lives have been potentially saved by your "pestering".


denise1006 said...

Thats great, im so glad you found a way to get that fixed. Now come down here and get my housing condemned lol.