Wednesday, September 23, 2009


We were having our homework and pre-school time after school this week when I decided to bring out a bag of candy corn. When Simon finished a row of his pre-writing work, I gave him a candy corn. When Noah completed his writing assignment, I gave him a candy corn. When Eli completed his spelling worksheet, I gave him a candy corn. And so it went. Homework time is fun when candy corn is around the corner.

Then it had been a few minutes since I'd doled out the goods. Simon said, "Can I have another one of those acorns?"

I look at him and think, "Acorn?" Then I realize he means candy corn and smile. These days of mixing up words and misprouncing are getting fewer and fewer. He'll learn soon enough so I hand him an acorn and assign another row for him to complete.

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Deanna said...

I'm looking forward to those days with Alex, as most of them have passed with the girls. Occasionally they'll mispronounce something and my heart warms just a little, remembering all of their funny words as little ones.

I'm sure Simon enjoyed his acorns.