Monday, November 30, 2009


The boys and I were getting out the Christmas decorations for their room to decorate. We put up a small tree and a chunky, child safe nativity set and just a couple of other knick knacks they have accumulated. One of the other decorations is a wooden sled that says "NOEL" at the top. Eli read it and then turned to me, "What does 'NOEL' mean?"

"Well, Noel is a Christmas word that, gosh, what does it mean? Let me think." As I'm dusting off a part of my memory where that would be stored he responds.

"Oh I know what it means!"

"You do? What?" I'm glad he remembers, he can refresh me.

"It means: Noah Eli. NOEL. Yeah, this one goes in our room!"


Dan and Peg said...

too cute!

Deanna said...

I love how their brains work!!

Peyton's said...

so funny! I love how little people have such logic for things they do not really know!