Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Baby Rock Star

I wish I had a picture or video to go with this story, but you'll have to make due with just my words!

After bath one night Noah let Jesse put on a pair of sunglasses. They started calling him a baby rock star, and he was eating it up. He was in only his diaper standing on Simon's bed, showing off his coolness. The kid is a hoot.

Everytime he took off the sunglasses they'd say "Oh, now you're not a baby rock star." So he'd put them back on and they'd say, "You're a baby rock star Jesse!"

Then he sat on Simon's bed and started in with this: "I said chick boom! I said chick boom! Boom chick boom! I said chick boom!" All the while with his baby rock star sun glasses on.

Too much, sometimes they are just too much.

*He learned the "Boom Chicka Boom" song at the campfire sing-a-long when we were at Hilton Head.


Jodie said...

cute! a picture or video would have been great but your words painted a fun picture in my head!

McBorn said...

Rock on, Jesse!

Peyton's said...

You might have won money if that was on video...lol Maybe one day he will be on stage.