Monday, August 09, 2010


One day when I picked Noah up from the sitters, he said he was going to go home and put on a "real" shirt (apparently one with sleeves) and pants and shoes, with socks. It was a very hot day and I thought he was a little looney. But he wanted to be a "worker" and needed to change clothes.

We got home and he started changing, but the didn't want just his regular shoes, he wanted the ones he wore to a wedding. And where was his tie? The one he wore to the wedding? I got him the extra stuff he required.
Simon wanted to know where his tie was as well. Here they are ready for work.
Picture posed by Noah.


McBorn said...

Looking sharp!

Dan and Peg said...

my boys do this too! Especially strange when they have to wear work boots and the middle of summer. I guess they figure Dad does too, so why not! Your boys look great!