Saturday, October 22, 2011


I have a friend with three boys, her youngest being the same age as our oldest.  When Eli was six and Jesse was a newborn and I thought I wasn't going to make it she said to me, "Wait until your youngest is four, it gets good then."  Which at the time seemed like a world away, but you know what?  She was totally right.

We had Harvest Night or whatever they called it at both Simon and Noah's school at the same time on the same night.  Tim was still at work so it was me and my troops for a night on the town.  First stop was Simon's school as the teachers were putting on a play (same one they've done in years past so I knew it was the first thing on the agenda) with all the kindergarteners and their parents.  Which can certainly be a zoo, so we got there early. 

I talked with the boys about how I expected the evening to go, then I prayed.  When Simon was three we almost had to lock down the school at the Harvest night activities when he left the building without the rest of us-talk about scary!  No one wanted a repeat of that!

We settled in at the school and I watched my four little heads sitting quietly on the rug watching the play with no bad behavior.  Even Jesse!  This is what my friend was talking about.  Part of it is the boys growing up, and part of it is me knowing what to expect and where to park to make an early getaway to head to the next school.  Which we did, and it was a smashing success as well.

I figure we have this for about two years more and then it'll all change again when Eli gets to junior high.  For now, I'm throughly enjoying my boys and my time with them. 

Livin' the dream!

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Anonymous said...

Janelle "livin' the dream" with her four sons this 2011! What a reason to rejoice! These memories will fortify You for the times events do not go as planned. You sound like a very rich Proverbs woman!