Tuesday, October 18, 2011


We were at the grocery, in the fresh foods section, when Jesse got excited and ran over to a bin and said in his typical Jesse volume, "Mom!  Can we get this squash again?"  Jesse only has the one volume-LOUD!

I looked over and saw he had picked up a butternut squash.  "You guys did really like that last week didn't you?  We certainly can put on the menu for this week!"

Jesse began to pick one out and said, "It's so good!"

Simon grabbed an acorn squash and asked, "What is this one called?"

"That's an acorn squash.  We still have one of those at home, we'll fix it this week too."

He smiled and said, "Good!"

I love that my boys like good food, they are such good boys!

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Anonymous said...

The boys like good food because they are exposed to good food. It will make them even better boys! Then they will grow into fine healthy responsible men. What a joy!