Monday, November 07, 2011

Growing Up

My boys are really growing up, you know how sometimes it just hits you?  This weekend has been like that.

Eli made scrambled eggs for breakfast on Saturday, then made himself and Jesse fried eggs on Sunday morning.  I know he's old enough to do it, it just hit me that we really are preparing him to fend for himself and leave us someday.  I kinda don't like to think about that part.

Also on Saturday Eli ran up to me and said, "Can we watch that movie we got in the mail? "Knowing we don't subscribe to netflix, I said, "What movie?"
"Well Lee said there was a movie in his Lego magazine so I just checked ours and there is one, see? Can we watch it?" just like a big kid would do.  I said sure and off he ran.  7Long gone are the days when they need help putting in a DVD or putting the TV on the right input.

Eli had his championship soccer game over the weekend, which they won by the way, and on the way home I see Noah leaning over and whispering to Eli, so I ask what is going on. Noah nudged Eli and then Eli said, "Well, we were thinking that since I won, we could go out to dinner to celebrate. And I know just where I want to go.  Friendly's!" Noah with all of his careful scheming to get his way, he later asked if they could watch a movie and eat popcorn as part of Eli's championship celebration. Where does he get this stuff?

"I'll talk to Dad, we'll see." We, of course, did take everyone out to eat, I mean we celebrate good grades, we better celebrate a champion!

Since Simon had watched the LEGO DVD he was creating like a fiend for the rest of the weekend. He had been given some new ideas and he was running with it. That boy and his creations, they are something to behold. I think I'll start taking pictures of them. He's growing up fast.

Then comes my Jesse, not one to be left out, he had to grow up on me this weekend too. As I was passing out vitamins he said, "See Mom, I can say it! Vitamin!" I was happy and praised him, but then I said, "Yeah, but I'm going to miss "bite-a-vin."

Eli, ever his father's son, didn't understand, Noah, his mama's boy said, "I know, it's so cute." Simon had no opinion since he was off playing LEGOs already. Tim didn't understand me either. Such is the life of a mama of growing boys.

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