Wednesday, November 09, 2011


In Eli's science they were doing a unit on plants so they started pumpkin plants in cups at school so they could follow along with the germination and sprouting.  When the unit was complete Eli got to bring his pumpkins home.  He had three sprouts in one cup.  As soon as he got home he got more cups and transplanted them each into their own cups, added more dirt, watered them, and put them on the windowsill in the sun.

A few days later we were in the car when Eli said to me, "Mom, how will my pumpkins get pollinated?"

I thought it was an excellent question, so I said, "Well what do you think?"

He suggested taking them outside, but I reminded him by that time we'd be in winter.  He "hummphed" because he knew we didn't have any bees in the house to pollinate, so he said, "Well, it will have to just pollinate itself.  It can do that you know, and then he proceeded to explain how that would work, using all of the proper terms for the plant parts.

That boy loves science, and I'm so pleased he does enjoy learning it, even if his test scores don't reflect that he has retained the knowledge.  Such is the life of a dyslexic, I guess!  But it works for me because it's better than learning stuff for a test like his Mama, it'll be in his head forever, that boy has the memory of an elephant (or "remembery" as it is referred to in our house).

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