Thursday, January 26, 2012

Guess who's Six?

There's someone at our house turning six. Do you know who? I'll give you a hint:
That's right, Simon! This certain boy wanted an M&M cake, but only with an 'S'. Eli laughed and said, "So you want a skittle?"

We determined to make the cake brown so it wouldn't look like a skittle! That boy is easy with his requests. Typical third child, easy going. He's doing wonderful in school, and is quite the writer and artist. I am so excited to see how he develops his talent as he grows. Plus his Lego building is beyond his years, if you ask me. Just so creative!

Happy Birthday Sweet Simon!


Homestead Living said...

Happy Birthday Simon!!! :)

McBorn said...

Happy Birthday, Simon!
And what a delicious looking cake!